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In this digital marketing era, PPC is one of the best ways of online advertising today. It has evolved rapidly into the digital marketing funnel and has become a great part of online business success. It is the most efficient form of advertising.

Dgmark Agency is one of the best PPC services company in Mumbai that mainly focuses on client success. Be it an improvement in your conversions, Site traffic, or both, We at Dgmark Agency can help you reach your expectation and goals with our expert campaigns. We have a good track record in management and the client retention rate of 90%, Dgmark Agency is the best choice for PPC Ads Management.


PPC Services Help Your Business Growth

PPC or pay per click advertising is the best way to target your potential audience. It helps in reaching the people who are already interested in your services or products and hence target the customers with relevant ads.

Dgmark agency is the best PPC Agency in Mumbai that delivers the customized PPC campaigns that can help your business to achieve more conversion rates as well as the ROI to your business with our PPC Ad offerings. PPC is a clear pathway for online advertising with no complexities. It is also referred to as the search engine advertising or paid search or can be called as a Google advertising.

Our PPC (Pay Per Click) Services Include

We at Dgmark Agency provides turnkey online ad solutions with our pay per click services. We develop, manage, and improve the PPC strategy along with the PPC campaign management accordingly.

  • Search Advertising services

The search advertising or pay per click services are the best way to take your business into the people who are more likely to purchase your products or services. It is a smart way to outperform the competition today.

The text ad in the search advertising will be displayed at the top of the results and there will be a great scope that chances will be increased by generating the quality leads to the business. Your services will stand at the front line whenever the customers searched with the keyword and hence bring out the quality leads to your business.

  • Display Advertising

A display advertising is the best way that can generate huge traffic to the website which provides great value by enhancing the contextual value of the visitors. The display ads will bring out a greater spectrum of potential consumers by reaching the right people across the web.

Businesses can reach customers without waiting for customers to reach their business. We at Dgmark Agency create a great conversion strategy to achieve the online conversion gaols by leveraging the display advertising strategies.

  • Remarketing and retargeting services

The Remarketing and retargeting are the smartest strategic terms in Digital marketing that drives digital marketing in a more powerful way. People often consume that these terms are completely the same but, they are different and serve different purposes in marketing. The remarketing is generally connects with the re-engaging of the customers with the services or products that business offers.

Like approaching them via emails etc. on the basis of cross-selling. Product remainders etc. when it comes to retarget, it is a technique that converts the users who have interacted with the business offerings were get retargeted with retargeting strategies.

  • Product Listing Ads

Product listing ads are a great way to sell your products using the Google network. These type of ads helps you to transform your products from the Google Merchant Center into a quick shopping advertisement. We are the best Google Adwords Management Agency Mumbai who can leverage the Ad words and lets you optimize the products and sell them without any pullback. Our team will optimize your marketing campaigns and generates good leads across the web. Dgmark Agency is the one-stop destination for all the PPC services in India.

Additional PPC (Pay Per Click) Services Include

  • Competitor Analysis

– Marketing analysis in the client’s business areas and industry
– Finding locally investing PPC competitors
– Analysis of search volumes in the market
– Targeting the cost per lead goals for your business

  • Customized Data-driven Ads

Keywords research and customer targeting
Creation of high performing ad copies for the business
Competitor research on ad copies
Split testing on ad copies

  • PPC Ad tracking and Analytics

Tracking of average Adpositions
Click-through rates
Optimizing the cost per clicks
 Tracking calls, sales, and leads
–  Attribution of revenue in paid campaigns

  • PPC Campaigning

Managing the bids for every campaign
Monitoring of queries in search and bidding adjustments
Close monitoring of click-through rate, cost-per-click, and positioning
Optimization of campaigns

  • Paid Search Campaigning

Paid Ads targeting based on search queries
PPC ad specific landing optimization
Paid search and SEO campaigns
Display advertising campaigns

  • PPC adverts across platforms

 Paid SMM campaigns
 YouTube Ads
Google Campaign management
Google local services Ads
– Bing Ads

  • A close preview on our PPC advertising

We provide a dedicated professional to handle your account
We build a customized strategy for the PPC campaign that matches your business goals
 We do i-depth keyword research and analysis for your campaigns
We target top search engines and research on competitor strategies
We manage bids and maximize your ROI
– We monitor and update your account to ensure clear PPC performance and update you timely

Benefits of PPC Advertising For Your Business

  • PPC is cost-effective

PPC advertising is the most cost-effective way to advertise your business. For example if you have placed an ad in the newspaper, billboards, or on television, you have to pay for the Ad space. You may end up paying for two inches or some square length space to display your ad.  PPC adopts the same idea but your ad will show up in the search engine results which is one of the biggest profit of PPC to your business.

Instead of paying for the Ad-space, you can display your ad on the results page. You only pay to Google, whenever someone clicked on your link. That’s the reason why PPC is affordable and extremely cost-effective. There is great scope to reach your potential customer through PPC ads. PPC visitors are most potential leads to your business that the visitors who visited your site organically in the results. So, it is stood as the best strategy in the online marketing funnel.

  • Faster Results

PPC delivers quick results compared to other online advertising ways. After placing the PPC ads with the targeted keywords and as soon as it gets bided with a good quality score, no surprise that you see more traffic within a week after starting the PPC campaign.

When you consider the long term strategies like SEO or Email marketing, it might take a few months but ultimately reap great benefits to your business as the benefits will be amazing and worth to wait. If you are looking for a strategy that can deliver fast results, then PPC is the best for your business. Just make sure you have audited the PPC campaign often to ensure whether it is going correctly.

  • Easy Tracking

It is very simple and easy to track the PPC results as it is the most important part of any campaign. Without peeping into the campaign analytics, you won’t be knowing about what is working for your business and what’s not. If you can track the results, it will become simple to know when you need a shift in your campaign. In this case the A/B testing is the best way to track how users are interacting with your Ad campaigns. Dgmark Agency is the best-Paid Ads Management Company Mumbai helps you keep on track with the PPC campaigns from time to time with detailed reports.

  • Boosts Revenue

PPC Ads can boost your business revenue a traffic increases and hence the effectiveness of the landing page will also get increases. With the combination of these features, the PPC ads allow you to have greater revenue and an increase in your overall business.

Dgmark Agency for PPC services – Why specialist PPC experts needed?

PPC is a consistent procedure as it is not like setting and forgetting its performance. It needs constant adjustments to obtain better results from the campaigns. If you are a business owner who spends time for writing checks, inventory, business management, you might not be sure you have time to run a PPC campaign professionally. That’s where Dgmark Agency comes in. Hiring the best PPC company in India for your campaign is the smart business move that can benefit your business.

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What is PPC and how a PPC company help?

PPC is known as Pay-Per-Click which is an online advertising strategy where advertisers pay only for the ad clicks. By connecting with the best PPC services agency in Mumbai, you can avail of the professional management of the PPC strategy and can receive all the potential benefits for your business.

How much do PPC services cost?

Dgmark Agency PPC Company service packages start from 11900 INR to 3, 00,000 INR, and it depends on the time, several campaigns, and keywords selection of the client. PPC is matched with small to big businesses of all sizes and can kick-start with the minimum budgets.

How to define the success of my PPC campaign?

A true success of the campaign is relying on the ROI- return on the investment. At a minimum, all you need to measure is both the click and the conversions. Conversions are nothing but the people who click on the ads and also went through the next step like filling the online forms and calling the business. You can also measure campaign success by measuring the success of independent c campaigns in different ways. But don’t worry we at Dgmark Agency always reports you on your campaign wellness time to time with detailed updates.

Where do my Ads appear?

The PPC ads will appear across multiple platforms such as:

Google Search Network

Your Ad can be shown next to the organic search results that are displayed when you search with a keyword. When someone searches with the relevant keyword terms, your ad will get displayed before those organic results.

Google display network

The ads can also show in huge network sites across the web as a display ad which you might have seen when surfing the net across the sites.

Google partner networks

The PPC ads can also be shown in the partner networks of Google-like AOL, Amazon, NYTimes, etc.

I have noticed my competitor ads everywhere how do we do that for my business?

What you have seen are remarketing ads that we also recommends you when you have enough budget priorities. Remarketing is nothing but the re-targeting which works by setting a cookie for the users when they visit your site. You may notice that many sites pop up a message to allow the cookies when you browse their site. That means you are allowing the sites to track your interests that may relevant to their services. So that they can show up some ads by targeting your interests obtained through the cookies.

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